Current Releases

Next DROP is scheduled for September 2019.

How does DROP work?

When you join DROP your name is added to the bottom of the queue. DROP is managed on an invitation basis, subject to a combination of time as a member and production size of each offering. Once you have received your offering and made your first confirmed DROP purchase, you will be offered the next offering each and every year, given continuity of purchase.

If you decide not to buy any of the cigars that are offered, your name will be moved to the bottom of the list, and it will some time for you to move back up into a DROP offer.  By bumping the customers who choose not to purchase their offering to the bottom of the list, we are making room for new buyers in the next DROP.  It is this policy that allows us to continue to offer the cigars to new purchasers.

An invitation to purchase does not guarantee the same quantity for the next offering and is subject to change given production size.

What is a ‘Wish’?

If you receive a “wish” in your offering then you are receiving the ability to “wish” for the offering, and should a guaranteed member not purchase their offering than we grant wishes as we can so new members can become guaranteed members.

With a “wish” you will follow through with the checkout process and input all of your information, and should we be able to grant your request you card will then be charged. We do not charge for any order unless it is capable of being fulfilled.

If your wish is granted you will move into a guaranteed offering for each release thereafter given continuity of purchase.